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Sep 30

Black Words Instead Of Red


Prompt: BPOTD! #868 Blaine goes to by an engagement ring for his boyfriend, because he doesn’t think he will ever meet his soul mate (written on his wrist), but when he goes to the jewelry store, that’s when he meets Kurt!

SummaryBlaine Anderson has yet to find his soul mate, Kurt Hummel. So what happens when he goes to buy an engagement ring for his boyfriend and meets Kurt?

Warnings: None

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Sep 30

Every Time


Summary: Sequel to Words Will Never Hurt Me. Blaine’s father finds out. 

Prompt: sequel to words will never hurt me? parents/kurt/friends find out about mean grandparents?

Prmopt by my-own-patronus: I’ve got two prompts for you. I’d love to hear more about what happened after “Words Will Never Hurt Me”. Did Blaine’s parents find out what his grandparents said to him? Did Kurt? What happened?

Prompt: Sequel to words will never hurt me. After Blaine’s grandparents have been there a few weeks, his parents wonder why he’s become withdrawn and tries not to be left alone in a room with his grandparents. When they walk in on them spitting homophobic insults at him, they finally understand. They are livid, stick up for Blaine and kick out the grandparents. Blaine feels terrible for causing trouble

Warnings: Homophobia

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Sep 30

Prompt #920 (by anonymous)


Date: September 30, 2014

Prompt:Mpreg!Blaine. After the birth of their child Blaine has absolutely horrible post partum depression.

Sep 30


I think that they break up because Kurt’s gone back to being very Kurt-centric like he was in New New York so Blaine finally gets fed up and stands up for himself and Kurt’s like peace out. I would like the reunion to involve Kurt singing Blackbird and Blaine smiling at him and saying “oh, there you are” because Blaine just needs a bit of a reminder of the Kurt he fell in love with back in the beginning. I should write for Glee. The end.

Sep 30

http://thegourmez.tumblr.com/post/98769823688/fellow-klainers-lets-dream-together-for-a →


Fellow Klainers, let’s dream together for a moment, shall we? Imagine that maybe, maybe, we will get that Notebook-like encounter in the rain.

Imagine that when it happens, after Kurt makes his declarations, that Blaine starts talking. Shares with us lovely things about Dave, how he’s so…

Sep 30

http://tyleroaklaine.tumblr.com/post/98781399987/guys-i-found-out-why-klaine-are-breaking-up-this →


Guys I found out why Klaine are breaking up. This is legit ok here me out:

Before Glee club was formed, Blaine (wherever he was at the time) met with a demon and made a deal.

The deal was for him to be happy.

I’m guessing this was around the time the Sadie Hawkins dance was because he must have…

Sep 30

Just read a post that included the words “the ND coddled drama queen Blaine”

Like… no. Sam coddled him. Yes. Because that’s what you.do when your best friend is hurting. And, believe it or not, the person who cheated has feelings too and is allowed to feel whatever he does. It’s obvious to anyone with half a brain that the guy was legitimately depressed.

As for Finn coddling him (omg dont make me laugh), do we all remember tbu? Because I seem to remember a certain scene where Finn looks absolutely disgusted with Blaine.

Rant over. For now. Until someone finds my untagged post and bitches.

Sep 30


permission for Kurt to sing ‘Leave Your Lover’ by Sam Smith to Blaine in season 6 of glee pls

Sep 29

http://b-andersons.tumblr.com/post/98697796969 →


"Blaine is such an asshole for dating someone who bullied kurt!!! how can he can he say he even cares about kurt at all!!!! he is so gross!!!"

"OMG!!! grant should come back so kurt and sebastian can date!! XDDDD KURTBASITAN 4 EVAH!!!"

love how these ppl all collectively forget sebastian bullied…

Sep 17